Wednesday, October 3, 2012

You need your ears to fly.

I love visitors, Mr Chops can happily share my cottage window as long as he remembers who is the boss and who really owns this seat.

There are times when my window can be a bit overcrowded, it's not so bad if we all squish up together.

I think Mr Chops has taken a shine to my window seat.

We didn't just sit in the window all day yer know, this is Fudge a new pup around the park.

I know Fudge, I left Mr Chops to get to know Fudge better.

Mr Chops might look big, but he's a push over.

What else has happened since I've been away someone gave me a hair cut... they left my ears though.

Just as well as I need them to fly.

I'm on a blog hop today over at Miss Kodee's at Bark n about 
Luvs Freya Rose Blossom X 


  1. Oh that last one is just priceless! You've got some good friends to keep you company at that window!

  2. Just love the big, softy kind of friends. Naturally they left the ears!! What's a Cavalier without long flowing ears - dang mats though.

  3. Well hello sweet Freya Rose Blossom. Fanks you for coming to see me today. xox

  4. Our Mom loves flying ear pictures. She has several of us with our big ears flapping in the breeze.
    Morgan, Sebastian and the Porties

  5. Mr chops ears can't fly, far to piggi! They twitch and some times peis get peidar ears when they catch a whiff of cat in the air..... No flapping tho... No that's left to chops chops! Lol xxx

  6. I bet you can fly over the moon if you wanted to!

  7. Such cute dogs!!!

    Hopping over late from WW's Blog Hop. Glad I made it!