Friday, January 23, 2015

Friday, January 16, 2015

A catastrophe

A Cat as trophe.
I think she means

me !

Luvs Freya Rose Blossom and Frankie de tabby x

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Policing the beach around blogville. Here to serve

I've joined the blogville police department. Special paws division.
My allotted task, to patrol the beaches around the United Kingdom. Why the U.K you ask... I live in the U.K and not far from a whole stretch of coastline that needs patrolling.
Beaches are my specialty. 

The biggest trouble makers who operate at all times of the day on and around beach areas are seagulls. Some seagulls are snatch thieves and opportunist, others work in a gang. You can often find gang leaders at the water's edge organizing their co conspirators.

The mottled coloured one's are young gang leaders, beware of their squawks as they persist and try anything to get their beaks into your fish and chips, sandwiches, Cornish pasties. They swoop low and will dip their beaks into beach bags. Do not leave your beach eatables unattended.

Seagulls come in all shapes and sizes don't be fooled by their good looks. Three who are wanted for ice cream snaffling are the notorious Heron Bruvvers. They wear very distinctive black hoods over their heads and work in a wafer formation especially to attack ice cream cones.

 Keep your ice cream cone close by and safe at all times.

Snaffling seagulls won't be tolerated on my patrol. Three claw strikes and they will banned from the beach until High Tide.  Stolen goods found on any seagull I will eat will be returned to the original owner.

Any barrel shaped Jelly Fish littering the beach will be returned to the sea and given a stern warning not to come back and make a pest of themselves.

I have my official special blogville police department hat.

My official Special Police department badge.
I would be ready to roll on my own except higher paws have given me a raw recruit to train.

I'm sure you all know young Princess Leah. Princess and I will be on patrol and out and about.

The aim is to take a light paw with those who aren't upholding the laws on the beach. If a quiet word doesn't work then a heavier paw tactic will be applied. 
I can always shout loudly for Princess Leah to come and help. Princess Leah is young, but willing and most of all she's really good at sniffing out stuff that others tend to pass by.  Leaves, bits of paper, the odd tissue that has been left hanging around, half chewed cakes. Excellent at knowing all the right coffee stops.  Princess Leah has the added experience of being on patrol around London and the surrounding area. Princess Leah will be in charge of marauding pigeons.

My territory is going to be the whole West coast of England. That's millions of beaches and hundreds and thousands of visitors in the Summer months to meet and greet. More seagulls to herd up than you can imagine, it's going to be a busy year.

I've volunteered to patrol coastal paths and cliff tops as well.

If your out and about anywhere on a beach or anywhere near Princess Leah's patch look out for us, we will be looking out for you. 

Luvs Freya Rose Blossom. 
BEACH PATROL OFFICER. U.K. Special Paws Branch.