Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Dear Princes Leah 2

Dear Leah (Princess)
I can see how your helping out around the house, but don't forget, you have servants to do all the heavy stuff.

You have servants to pick your toys up and put them back in your toy box. Helping out in the garden is acceptable. A leaf or two is fine, besides, it's what we do best, bringing the outdoors in.

Your main job is to sit and look as cute as a shiny button. Your gonna have to take more of a stand at letting them know who is boss around your house.

 It works for me.

Although we both know good manors cost nothing. Always best to be polite and say please and thank you. Princesses are known for being graceful and waving their arms around, we wave paws.

I have new bling for my collar, it's my birthday giftie. I can graciously wave my paw to say thank you. If they keep adding stuff to my collar they are going to have to get me a cart to carry it all around in. Things can get a bit heavy, might have to rethink the bling and sparkly stuff.

New toys are a must for a Princess, good to hear you have some new toys.
Best not to borrow any when your out and about in the shops. OR STEAL ANY. Besides, you only have to give them back unless you have a good chew first, the more slobber they have the better. Then the toys have to go home with you.

Same with borrowing cookies when your in the pet shop. Unless the cookie boxes are open The odd cookie from an uncovered cookie box in a shop is acceptable, besides, if they didn't want you to have them, they would cover them up.
You have to be quick when borrowing cookies, make sure you snaffle all the evidence quickly.

 Hope all the tips help. 
Luv's your loving Aunty Freya (Miss) X

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Birthday ducklings

 No birthday cake on my birthday. 

Instead my birthday treat was shared with ducks.
Ducks and ducklings love black sunflower seeds. We had a duckling birthday party beside the lake. 

Sometimes feathers need a bit of coaxing to come out of the water. 

They ate every sunflower seed.

 Then waddled off.

Fat woody joined in.

So did snappy swan.

The very best thing on your birthday, isn't about having a birthday cake. It isn't about sunflower seeds.

IT'S ABOUT ICE CREAM (no chocolate).

Thanks for all my birthday wishes, sorry I couldn't share my ice cream with you. Maybe next time.
Luv's Freya Rose Blossom X

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Three years old today.

 Every one knows, I spend much of my time with my head in the sand.



time fly.

When your having fun.


Freya Rose Blossom X

Thursday, May 15, 2014

The cat and his strange eating habits.

The cats got something!

The cats got something, THE CATS GOT SOMETHING !

It's grass.

Cats eat grass?

Cats eat grass.......

Really strange, normally he insists on sitting up at the table to eat. 


Freya Rose Blossom X and Frankie de tabby x

Monday, May 12, 2014

Dear Princess Leah

Well, well, look at you now. BOY YOU'S IS GROWIN UP..

Your legs have got longer.
What !
You have been stealin stuff as in slippers,

paper and furry cones.

Well, never been into slippers myself, I have a likin to Frankie de tabby's cat food.

If it's around and he has left it, he no longer needs it, so he shouldn't leave it hanging around to start wiv.

Best to keep clear of Frankie de tabbys if your wise.
Don't worry about your tail, you will grow into it, all Cavalier's grow into them.
When your tail starts to look like a flag, you can hold it high, just like me. 

I called you Princess cos we are Princesses. We can go where no other dog is allowed to go as long as we are in the City of London. So I am told. That rule might have changed. I'm also not sure where the City of London is.. although I know some that do.

Garden centers are a pleasure to go to, COS THEY LET YOU IN and you get loads of attention.
So many places around don't allow paws no matter how hard we try to get in.  Saying your a Princess doesn't always work. But worth a go.
Some fing to do with Elves and their safety wiv letting paws in some places. Don't ask me about that, cos I haven't a clue. I think it must be a Christmas fing to do with garden centers.

I did ask yer not to mention the cricket pitch in the park. I told yer that it was a secret a dog had dug up the cricket pitch. Huge holes and now they have put a fence around it so I can't get to it. dogs can't get to it.

Luv's your loving Auntie Freya Rose Blossom (MISS) X

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

To bee or not to bee

Never ever mess around with bee's.

There's always a chance they will sting your paws.

If your really unlucky,

they will carry you off to help them make honey.
Luv's Freya Rose Blossom, X