Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Dear Princes Leah 2

Dear Leah (Princess)
I can see how your helping out around the house, but don't forget, you have servants to do all the heavy stuff.

You have servants to pick your toys up and put them back in your toy box. Helping out in the garden is acceptable. A leaf or two is fine, besides, it's what we do best, bringing the outdoors in.

Your main job is to sit and look as cute as a shiny button. Your gonna have to take more of a stand at letting them know who is boss around your house.

 It works for me.

Although we both know good manors cost nothing. Always best to be polite and say please and thank you. Princesses are known for being graceful and waving their arms around, we wave paws.

I have new bling for my collar, it's my birthday giftie. I can graciously wave my paw to say thank you. If they keep adding stuff to my collar they are going to have to get me a cart to carry it all around in. Things can get a bit heavy, might have to rethink the bling and sparkly stuff.

New toys are a must for a Princess, good to hear you have some new toys.
Best not to borrow any when your out and about in the shops. OR STEAL ANY. Besides, you only have to give them back unless you have a good chew first, the more slobber they have the better. Then the toys have to go home with you.

Same with borrowing cookies when your in the pet shop. Unless the cookie boxes are open The odd cookie from an uncovered cookie box in a shop is acceptable, besides, if they didn't want you to have them, they would cover them up.
You have to be quick when borrowing cookies, make sure you snaffle all the evidence quickly.

 Hope all the tips help. 
Luv's your loving Aunty Freya (Miss) X


  1. Loving the bling Freya. You sure do 'looking cute' well.

  2. Wise words sweet Freya. Looking good with your bling there. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Love the bling! And good advice about eating the cookie quickly without getting your paw caught in the "cookie-jar" so to speak.

  4. You are performing your job very well
    Lily & Edward

  5. Oh, Macdui says you're not allowed to chew books or wires either.

    We bet you have everyone wrapped around your paw already.

    XXXOOO Bella, Roxy & Dui

  6. So funny. Yeah, Freya, get that new princess shaped up.

  7. those are all good tips Freya! Might I also add...don't pee on your balls. I did that once when I was a wee lass, and ewwww!
    Ruby ♥

  8. Freya,
    You are so wise,,, and smart too!
    I love your new fancy bling for your collar- its suits you perfect my friend

  9. Awww that is great adivce Freya,that is a pretty present,thanks for the well wishes,I am much better now,xx Speedy

  10. Thank you Aunty Freya, a young pup does need guidance even if she's a Princess.
    Love the Birthday bling, I have requested one for my birthday but I think that's a long way away yet
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah

  11. Good advice, Freya. Never too early to start being a princess!
    Hey, my mom almost made it to your as far as Canterbury on the bus and then over to the sea for some fish and chips! She told the driver to keep going to your house, but it was not to be...silly tour guide! Mom loves your country, you all grow flowers like no one else!! Wyatt

  12. Good advice for all the princesses out there!