Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Spreading the love.

Smooch's can happen at any time, especially when your out and about, love everyone and have a need to spread your love around.
Luv's Freya Rose Blossom x

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Weight still going down, at this rate I'll be a twig.

It's been one of those busy weeks.

I don't know how I crammed it all in between naps. There have been forest walks, beach walks. Walks beside the river. Visits to town, Sid Squirrel spotting, tubby duck feeding. 

I even saw a turtle. Turtles aren't normally found in Devon in the wild. Someone has been dumping pets they no longer want. At least this guy isn't on his own, there is another that lives in this lake.  
We managed to squeeze in a visit to the nice Mr Vet and his duff weighing scales again.

His scales are working okay this week. Working for me cos I'm now down to 10.9 kilo's. A huge difference from when I started the crazy starvation diet and the scales read 12 kilo's. 
Who ever it was that suggested my weight loss has anything to do with the amount of dribble I produce as I eye up Frankie de tabby's cat food, well, that's pure myth.

I got an extra special cuddle from my favorite vet nurse. She said, I'm nearly there.  

Another highlight of the week, the postman brought mail with my name on it.

A postcard from Guadeloupe from auntie Julie.
Auntie Julie is Princess Leah's  slave mum. Thank you so much I luvs having my own snail mail. This only took a few days to get here all the way from the Caribbean, it couldn't have been brought here by snails at all.
Just look at all that good looking digging sand waiting for me to go and dig it up.

Luv's Freya Rose Blossom X

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Cavalier found down a copper mine in Devon.

You would never think to look at it but in the hills above me are copper mines. Here I am on the side of the river Tamar at a place called Morwellham Quay. It's a living history museum. 
Not that I'm great on history, I only know that there are fun places and this is a fun place to be. 
THEY LET ME IN. There are no signs saying NO DOGS... GREAT !

There are 19th century cottages to explore. No signs saying no dogs on the bed. Well someone had to make sure there were good views from the window. 

Great views and gardens to explore. 

A boat to climb aboard.

There was even a train that went down a copper mine.

That's me.

Had a great time, even kissed a pig.

Had a bit of a stand off with a goat.

I'm joining in with a blog hop over at Waggy Tales.. I am one of the lucky one's that never have a problem when I'm left alone. I'm not often left on my own anyway. Peeps go places, I go places, even down a copper mine. I have to go cos, they get lonely without me.

You can find out more about Morwellham Quay over at Soggibottom.

Ended up with tea in one of the cottages, wonder when we can go again.
Promise, I never broke my diet, I looked but didn't touch. 
Luv's Freya Rose Blossom X

Sunday, September 14, 2014



Luv's Freya Rose Blossom X

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Slimmer of the month

I've done it, I've reached my 11 Kilo target.

It's a bit claw biting, on the way to the vets to use the same scales we used a whole month ago when I had my yearly check up. EVERYONE KNOWS THE SCALES WERE WRONG to start with. 

Two weeks ago the same scales fibbed again and told me I was still over weight. I weighed 11.4 Kilo's.


No more sneaking around eating Frankie de tabby's cat food, and the ever so nice Mr Vet has had his weighing scales fixed at long last.

I'm still going to keeping up the new healthy eating regime.

Luv's Freya Rose Blossom X

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The healing properties of seaweed on a South Devon Beach

Seaweeds are some of the most nutrient-rich foods you can find on our planet.

This is because they are constantly bathed in the mineral-rich waters of the sea. They contain high amounts of iodine, calcium, potassium, iron, magnesium and some are very high in protein.

Seaweeds contain 10 to 20 times more minerals than land-grown plants do. Seaweeds are classified by colors: reds, browns, greens, blue-greens and yellow-greens. Because of variations in pigmentation, light exposure, water depth and temperature, and environment, the nutritive values vary.

Seaweeds offer many health benefits including increased metabolism, purification of the blood, help to break down fats, and improved joint flexibility. They also strengthen the kidneys and are beneficial for healthy hair and skin.

Seaweeds are good for muffling the sounds of paws when sneaking up on seagulls.

Seaweeds are antiviral, antifungal, antibacterial and alkalinizing. Seaweeds remove radiation residue from the body, cleanse the lymphatic system, alleviate liver stagnancy, are beneficial to the thyroid and rejuvenate the lungs and gastrointestinal tract. They lower cholesterol and reduce fat in the blood.

 “According to ancient Chinese texts, “there is no swelling that is not relieved by seaweed.”” So, they can be used to treat swellings, lumps, goiter, swollen lymph glands, edema, chronic cough, skin diseases and tumors.


So, there you have it all you need to know about seaweed, apart from the fact it stinks smells when it's low tide and when it's all over the beach.

Especially when the moon is full and the tide goes out even further LEAVING MORE OF THE STINKY STUFF'S AROMA ON MY COAT AND PAWS when I'm out and about on the beach.

There is only one way to travel home, with all the windows of the car open, even I put my head out of the window. 
Luv's Freya Rose Blossom X 

Our love to Greta's family over for the loss of their beloved paws.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Reporting a crime of stealing from the cat dish.

Anyone that knows me, Frankie de tabby esq., knows I'm very honest. When your in the wrong it's best to own up.

In some cases it's best to name and shame.

The thief who stole my very own cat food this morning knows who they are.

Don't they ?

Luv's Frankie de tabby. X

and Freya Rose Blossom  X