Saturday, May 21, 2016

Freya Rose Blossom on her Fith Birthday

We is back after our blog break and have missed so much so might need a bit of help to keep up wiv all that's been going on. 

First of all best mention it was my birFday yesterday, I am now five years old. 

My official birFday photo. 
Can't believe that I had a hair cut on my birFday. I gave Ark a quick diggin lesson, he's getting better but needs to perfect his diggin technique. 

I also had a parcel from Auntie Julie and Princess Leah. Last year mum was so lazy she forgot to thank Princess Leah for last year's birFday giftie.  

Last year's birthday gifties.

This year's birFday gifties.

As it was my special day I shared stuff wiv Ark  had everything in the box all to myself. 

We even had birFday ice cream, then Ark threw up cos he is lactose intolerant, we thought he was over that, more ice cream for me next time.

Fanks for all my birFday wishes guys, we luvs you all.
Luvs Freya Rose Blossom and Ark XX