Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Beaches in the South West of England with minimal dog bans.

Yes Sir..
re ..do.. de.. do.. di.... there are some places that don't have total beach bans for dogs... it all depends on where yer go... and who wiv.. yer know what I mean ?

This was a special weekend on the beach where I had some help wiv diggin.

Yep, we have had visitors this weekend, Tilly May, Jacob, Kiann, Karina and Jason (Jason is not in the pics, sorry, but he was always too quick for the camera) and last of all, MR CHOPS... first time to the place where I live and he hogs the sheepskin in front of the fire.

Luvs.. Freya Rose Blossom X


  1. All that digging just tired you out!! Looks like a wonderful time!!

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  3. It's good to have friends to dig with:)

  4. Great fun you had, Freya Rose. So good to see so many happy faces. Bet the visit made the birthday boy happy too.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  5. Looks like a really good weekend. Poor Chops, let him have the warm spot, he doesn't have as much hair as you do!

  6. You wore yourself out, poor baby...I could really 'dig' going to the beach too!

    Love - Buddha

  7. ahhh isnt that nice freya you had some friends to help you dig for once xxx glad you had a fun weekend xxx

    Charlene and Stormy

  8. How fun is that! Freya, I took a pic on my beach this weekend, thought maybe you had been there, there was a great big hole - but alas the pic wasn't there when I went to put it on my computer. So glad you had such an enjoyable weekend, Mr. Chops looks right at home! What did Frankie think??

  9. You are a riot, Freya. And a nice hostess for Mr. Chops.

  10. What a fun day at the beach!! Your happy face make us smile!

    Momo & Pinot xo

  11. We can tell you all had the best time ever! I wish we were with you! I really do!

  12. Wow, you get to dig the best holes. Bailey and Sebastian would love to dig holes like that but Dad would get mad.
    Morgan, Sebastian and the Porties