Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Sid the squirrel

Yep, that's Sid the squirrel alright. One day he is going to come a bit too close for comfort (Freya's comfort zone not Sid's).

We were back on the beach the other day, IT'S OPEN TO FOUR PAWS AGAIN ALL THROUGH THE WINTER. 
Can you tell ?

My mum has told me to tell you she saved some of my toys, I am not hard done by. I have a new toy box at least. It's not a for ever toy box. If the cottage floods again it really will float away, but it's okay for now.
My very favorite toys were at the top of my old toy box and they didn't all float away.
Apart from a dish of apples, who were first of the list of things to save by my mum, she saved some of my toys that she caught floating..... Tweety doesn't tweet anymore, but they have all had a good wash because my mum said she knew I would miss them.
Frankie de tabby would miss them too.

DOGS RULE, and don't you forget it Frankie de tabby... do I look as if he influences me ?

He wouldn't be good on the beach, no good at


Luvs. Freya Rose Blossom X 


  1. I'm so glad you are back home and able to watch Sid bug you. It was nice that a few of your favorite things could be saved. It's hard to break in all new toys at once. Hugs to you Freya and Frank. I'm so glad you and yours are safe and home again.

  2. I'm glad everyone is safe and sound and that your thoughtful Mummy saved some of your toys! I'd love to help you dig on the beach and so would Abby but Lily doesn't like to dig very much...she'd protect you from Sid though and give Frankie kisses!

    Love from Buddha.

  3. I love that you ae enjoying the beach with your other four legged friends!

  4. Looks as if Frankie inspected the box and was happy with what he found. Looks as if all of the dogs were waiting for the beach to open:)

  5. Glad the toys passed Frank's quality control inspection.....

  6. We're all glad that some of your toys were rescued. Mom's are good about those things. We'd be upset if all our toys floated away. Did you get a new bed yet? Maybe you can get one big enough to share with Frank.
    Morgan, Sebastian and the Porties