Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Pesky critters

When you see pesky critters in the front garden.

It's best to stamp your feet as hard as you can to frighten them off.

I'm sure all the seed on the bird feeders isn't meant for the squirrels.

It's always best done at a distance as we all know, although squirrels look cute, they have flea's.

Luv's Freya Rose Blossom X


  1. Are you successful at scaring the squirrels? It's smart to do that from a distance, you don't want to get too close!

  2. What lovely fluffy ears you have Freya:)

  3. What a wise little girl you are! Hope you're feeling all better since your trip to the vet.

  4. Heehee...Abby goes out to watch for squirrels all the time. She sits under their tree like a statue. She was out there the other day, staring straight up, waiting for one to make an appearance...and meanwhile, right behind her, one of the family was digging for nuts. I think they know they're safe!

  5. HI little brown eyes! Stay away from those squirrels!

  6. As I say to Clovis, if you can catch a squirrel, you can have it! He's been trying for years...I don't think you need to worry about their fleas!
    (Although, my previous saluki did catch and despatch a squirrel that thought it could run across a football pitch to escape instead of going up a tree...)