Thursday, March 1, 2012

Stash holes in the sand.

Don't you just love leading the way when your out and about ?

The Atlantic side always has that fresh feeling. Especially when your high on the cliff top.

Going out and about it always helps to know where your going. Rumps Point or Trebar with Strand?

Or back to the car to drive further along the coast to my favorite beach on the West Coast of Cornwall.


My favorite beach.

Even better on a beautiful day when you seem to have it all to yourself.

All the stones I find are my very own.

Even the ones in the rock pools.

Some of them are deeper than other's.

The digging is always worth the effort.

Tide and time wait for no one, best to find as many treasures as you can when time is limited to a few hours on the beach.

I have loads of stash holes.

Just as well because it was time to go home.

I don't do stones, beach or cars.... luvs Frankie de tabby.

and Freya Rose Blossom. X


  1. Oh boy, that looks like so much fun and I can tell that you did have fun!!

    Jazzi and Addy

  2. I've never seen a dog who liked to dig up stones, but I'm happy you enjoyed yourself Freya.

  3. We would have so much fun there digging stones!

  4. Freya, your such a happy little pup! And everytime I see you, your more beautiful than ever! I love to see you have such a good time digging holes and claiming all those stash holes for your own.

  5. It was lovely weather yesterday here too, love going for long walks, we did our favourite one too to see if there are any lambs yet (probably next time!) What you collecting all those stones for? An extension to Soggibottom? :-)

  6. Freya your fun on the beach, had my Kirra extremely interested, especially when you mention all those stash of stones in the sand.

    What a great day and a great location and the whole beach to yourself - way to go.

    I loved all the photo's.

    Love from Kirra -x-

  7. Can we have some of your stones? Clovis keeps knocking ours into the pond when he chases those naughty squirrels out of his garden!

  8. What a gorgeous, delightful day it looks - send me some sun, Freya...I've forgotten what it looks like...

  9. yipee finally not only have a i found another british dog but you live in my most favourite place on earth!!! CORNWALL!!!! you are so lucky!!!!! me and stormy are going there for our hols soon, cant wait! we go to hayle beach and penzance dog beach nearly marazion mostly :)