Thursday, February 23, 2012

Freya Rose Blossom - tells all.

Tweedles has sent me a tag. I have two tags both on my collar that I wear when I'm out and about, this tag involves answering questions. I'm ready to roll.

Describe yourself in seven words. 

Fearless, happy, beach loving, clean living, pup..... 

What keeps you up at night. 

Nothing, as soon as my head hits my dog basket, I'm gone. No snoring either !

Who would you like to be ?

I like being me. although I wouldn't mind being Frankie de tabby, he gets his dinner before me.

Then tries to eat mine.

What are you wearing now ?

My fluffy slippers, my pink collar and my two tags.

What scares you ?

Nothing scares me, except I worry for my tweetie bird toy when Frank is around as he tends to play with it too.

What do you find the best and worst of blogging.

The best thing about blogging is meeting new friends who have the same hobbies.

I haven't found any worse things about it, as most have the same hobbies as me, we share things, go places and generally run around a lot.. Meet my beach friend Sophie.....

What is the last website you visited. 

The last place I put my nose on was The Portuguese Water Blog

Slankets, yes or no ?

I'm not sure what slankets are.

Tell about the one who tagged you. 

My friend Tweedles who lives in the forest and finds star fish when she visits the beach. Tweedles also sent me one of my favorite toys, Tweety Bird.

I now have to tag eight others. 
The eight names are :

Cappy the Elskie
Mademoiselle Blume
Charlie from a tighter lace
Miss Kodee
Charlie the cat from Ten Lives and Second Chances.

Have fun, I'm off to count my stone collection on the beach.
Luvs Freya Rose Blossom X


  1. I laughed out loud again. Love you, Freya.

  2. Freya you are adorable. There is just something very special about ruby girls. I really enjoyed reading your tell all!

  3. Freye, those were great answers, but our Mom went awwww when she saw that second picture of you with you head turned up. Sometimes when we're paying close attention, we do that and Mom always smiles.
    Morgan, Tsar and the Porties

  4. You did a nice job with your questions and we loved the pics! Deb

  5. So super gorgeous..they are all such sweet souls..a delightfully sweet post full of creature-magic...gorgeous!

  6. Oh Freya
    I just loved all your answers and I felt like I was right there as you were explaining all the details. You are sooo expressive, that I cannot take my eyes off you! Each little expression tells a story.
    Thank you for playing this tag game,,, it was fun.
    You don't have very many worries and that is such a good thing!

  7. Freya, you are too much puppy - you're adorable!

  8. Freya, you captured beautifully the sentiments of wee Ruby Cavaliers (although I am guilty of snoring - at least my Dad says so).

    I loved every answer and the joy of seeing your lovely photo's.

    Your friend overseas -x- Kirra

  9. Freya! We enjoyed reading your answers along with your very cute photos. Visiting to Stonehenge is super cool!

    Momo & Pinot xoxo