Thursday, November 10, 2011

Why do people dress dogs up in THINGS..............

A pup should be seen in all her own glory and coat, sitting on a golden cushion on a good seat.....

I have to ask you why anyone would want to dress me up....  ?
I could however deal with earrings...............  maybe not..... 


Just because it's cold out there doesn't mean I have to look like this !

Freya.... NOBLE LADY.... I think not wearing THAT ! 

Skinny rib or what !

Just because it's been lengthened, don't think I am going to wear THAT !

I'm going.............

COMMANDO....  with a fluffy hood..........


  1. Muffy and I definitely think the camo is a good choice! You wear it well Miss Freya. Kisses and hugs from the two of us!

  2. Yah They have this thing aNd I havent figured it out either but have to go along with it too, so I completely understand!!

    jazzi and addy

  3. Aw, you look lovely in that sweater! Just start tearing at it... :)

  4. That is funny, she even has the look with her commando outfit on, lol.


  5. Freya Rose, why are we not surprised? You are a little rebel:)

    Woos ~ Phantom. Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  6. Because you are so darn cute, that's why.

  7. Sweetie, I could knit you something far more embarrassing than that - I have a pattern for a coat that would make you look like a dinosaur so be grateful your lovely mistress knitted something pretty! But considering our rubbish wet weather, camo is the right choice for now.

  8. You are the sort of canine that looks good in anything - really darling!

  9. Cute sweater and cute camo coat. Freya you look cute in both:)

  10. Oh but Freya, your new knitted coat is lovely! And it will keep you so warm! Must admit you look good in cammo too - you are adorable no matter what you wear!

  11. You look adorable in your sweater, but we understand how you feel about it. Someday when it's very cold you may change your mind.