Friday, November 18, 2011

Santa Paws Shopping

Seems we have to do shopping for something called Christmas.

We took a ferry to cross the River Tamar.

We normally go past Brunnel's rail bridge that runs beside the new road bridge. They said this would be a change and it would be quicker.... if it was quicker, why did we have to wait around for so long to cross the River ?

And I never got a good view.

We went to Looe in Cornwall, it was so quiet, just right for me to walk around the shops without being distracted, a good walking to heel lesson.

I had some fish for lunch by the quay.... Cooked and no batter, no chips either.....
I left the dead crab alone that looked at me longingly to eat him. Dead crab is a bit old hat, when there is tasty cooked cod around.

We came home to find Frank had made a good job of looking after the cottage while we were away.

I had to go upstairs quick, to make sure Frank had done as he was entrusted to do.

Look after my Mr Puffy Puffin.

To make sure Puff was safe I buried him in my bed.

I had to take my bone out first and then remake everything.

It's a hard and tiring thing all this Santa Paws stuff...  No sleeping on the job for me.....

lots of luvs, Freya Rose Blossom X


  1. Glad to hear you had a lovely time out and that your puffin was safe when you got back

  2. Lovely to see you out shopping, Freya! Lots of goodies in those shop windows. I've nearly completed my Santa "Paws" shopping, but wish I had time to make more gifts this year.

    Cheers! XOXO

  3. Just wait. You're going to love Christmas. Santa Paws will bring you something new to play with and there's usually tasty stuff to eat, too. We can hardly wait.
    Morgan, Tsar and the Porties

  4. What a great outing! What do you buy????

  5. Ah are such a traveling pup...and so well-behaved! Glad Frank looked after Mr. Puffy Puffin so well!

  6. Can't believe this mutt gets more comments than me ! :-) X X X

  7. Hi Freya
    I love to go shopping tooo,, but mostly to the farm store where they have nice wrapped doggy treats. Or to Pet Smart where all the toys are!

  8. You'll find the best bit about Christmas is the falling turkey scraps and the wrapping paper...

  9. Sounds like a fun shopping trip. Did you get your gifts??

    Jazzi and Addy

  10. Thank you Freya for brightening my cloudy day :)
    Love ya!

  11. Good to see you out and about, was worried about your Mum! You take good care of her and Mr. Puffin, oh and Frank too!

  12. ♡°
    º° ♥✿
    Passei para uma visitinha.
    Estou encantada com esses fofinhos.
    Boa semana!


  13. Looe (never heard of it?) looks like where we went with you guys last time - Dartmoor(? another name escaping me and David is no help...)
    very lovely pics as always!! xxxxx