Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Red Rock Cafe

It seems, it helps to know the tide time tables before you go to the beach for a walk.....
I can't read, as you know, but they scan the paper before they go to the beach............ nutters !

It seems, on good days when the tide is out, we can go out right to the water's edge...

I can pick up a few things on good days, but, they never ever let me take my "things" home....

 I love the beach, I get right into it.....

On the days that the tide tables say... it's going to be "IN"....when we go out .. I don't mind that either...
Isn't that something that I have heard about Cricket... ?
In when your out and out when your in........... not sure, but I know that walking on the beach can be tricky at times...IT SEEM'S YOU HAVE TO RESPECT THE SEA... ............. so I am told....................... not sure if you have to respect crabs or anything tasty that is washed up !

I'm adaptable...

Good job we called into Red Rock Cafe before it closed.... no crabs ... huh !

I'm still walking the beach............................ 

Lots of Luv's Freya Rose Blossom X


  1. You look so mad about the cafe being closed! Love that face. And I love you carrying your little feather too!

  2. Ah nothing like the good sea air, is there Freya? You have such a good mum and daddy! I think you're a real salty dog [a compliment!]

  3. You're so lucky to walk on the beach. We won't see the beach again till next summer.
    Morgan, Tsar and the Porties

  4. You do have to respect the waters. We don't want anything awful to happen to you. Love your beautiful furry feet.

  5. It looks very cold there Freya. Where has the sun gone? It is very cold here too. We have had rain for days but today started off fair but think we will get some more soon. Must get some more wood for the fire. The three dogs here need keeping warm. Have a good day.

  6. We have a teatowel explaining al the ins and outs of cricket.

    becareful of all that water if you haven't walked very far and your feet are wet then the tide is in

  7. It's looks very cold but Freya has a nice warm coat:)

  8. Hi Freya
    Did it feel good to wiggle the sand between your toes? I like to do that