Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The great British Butterfly hunt beside the river Dart

The river Dart in South Devon.

Yep, here I am, on the trail of elusive sneakier than sneaky butterflies.

No bench over looked, they might be hiding underneath.

I can't remember the grass being this long when we were here last time.

They are here, you just have to persevere.

If I wait long enough, they are sure to appear.

I can play them at their own game and be sneaky.

Did you see that one heading off over the water ?

Looks like they were quicker than me today...

Let's face it, I have as much chance of catching a butterfly as seeing a dragon in Soggibottom's garden...

Sneaky little critters...
Luvs Freya Rose Blossom X 


  1. Buddha would love to join you; he usually has to settle for crickets!

  2. Patience grasshopper! You will get one, but why? They are so beautiful! Looks like a wonderful outing!

  3. How fun is that - and I LOVE THE DRAGON!!!

  4. As long as it is butterflies you chase, not bees!
    That dragon is very well camouflaged - hope he comes out for a proper viewing soon!

  5. Our doggies dont chase butterfly...they are too fast for them but tucker sure can catch alot of bees...we just yell BEE and he comes to our rescue

  6. Aw that sure looks pretty!!! I wanna come too

  7. I did see the butterfly- yes I did! It flew right above your nose!

  8. Hehehehe...law has mercy, I thoughted you was gonna takes off in da water to gets dat butterfly. Them things is snaeky, good thing I don't sees too many or they would drive me koo-koo.