Wednesday, August 15, 2012

My friend Flint

I've had a busy week.

We had visitor's at the weekend.

This is my friend Flint.

I've been shopping... I want a rabbit... I want a pony too, but if I can't have a pony, maybe I can have a rabbit....

The kids, were great, but just look at the rabbits kids... I want one...

I had to be dragged away from the rabbit bar and along to the cod liver oil counter...

Going shopping has it's advantages, we didn't come home with a rabbit, we came home with cod liver oil instead. However, I have known this lady since I was a pup and she knows me, I know she has a full treat dish on the counter. I love her...

I've also been in the woods.
Just because it looks like a weed, it might not be a weed...

Best of all, I have a new sport, it's called CHASE THE BUTTERFLY.....
I could have caught them... this is a special reserve and all dogs have to be on a lead..

I've had to check on our stream, because of all the rain.

I've been on the beach. Just look at that HOLEY MOLEY,

Who did that ?
Luvs Freya Rose Blossom X


  1. Freya, you are a sink hole in the making. What would you do with a rabbit?

  2. Did you do that???? I love your new sport! It is tons of fun I bet. You have been so busy, I am jealous of all those treats and outings!

  3. Cod liver oil? Not nearly as fun as a rabbit, but who knows maybe it taste good!
    I think its wise to check out your sreams and stuff to make sure nothing has been making a mess!

  4. I love you Freya!! You always make me smile =D

  5. Your friend Flint looks like a great pal. You should take him to the beach with you and dig holes together:)

    Hope you get that rabbit - we bet your Mum would love one.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  6. Looks like you've been having fun!
    Just what would you do with that rabbit? Not the same as Clovis I hope!

  7. Freya, you are adorable! I hope you and Flint had a wonderful time together and that your Mum gets you that rabbit. Did you get to see China?

  8. oh freya you have the life dont you xxx i am sooooo jealous, im counting the days till we get to go on the beach again... only 6 weeks to go. eeeeeeek!!!

  9. Hi Freya, See you are still the same little dog that I remember. Still living life to the full I see. Love from Lucky and Rosie. xxx

  10. Wow, you've been very busy. Your friend looks like a happy fellow. We don't notice butterflies unless they land on us. Mom says we have way too many bunnies around here leaving wonderful treats for us to find. If she could send some to you, she would.

    Those are good holes in the sand. We wish we could come dig with you.
    Love, Morgan, Sebastian and the Porties