Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The visitor

After so much rain, there has to be a reason why I should want to get out of bed ....

I've found that I love, I mean love going to the shops around here that will actually let me in... 

Here is my new friend hedge...

Seems he is very popular, according to the lady in the shop, Hedge has been chewed by many pups and is very popular ? Not with me he's not !

I did however try hard this week to make friends with MAX...
He lives over on the other side of our bridge.

Our little bridge is old and I'm not allowed to cross it on my own. Max is a bit of a escapologist,when left to his own devices.  Left on his own in his garden he decided to go walk about.

The reason why he visited us?
Here inside the cottage he was safe and not on his own.. The river was high and it's not unknown for a dog as small as Max to be washed away...Max wandering around near the river, he could have been swept away.. Luvs to my dad cos he went and rescued MAX.. Max didn't know it, but he needed rescuing.
Even when I think I am on my own in my own garden, I am never left alone, I am always watched and I know why... cos they love me and want me to be safe where ever I am...

Max doesn't get on well with other dogs, but he ate my cookie's... needs some thinking about ......
Luvs Freya Rose Blossom X


  1. Aw, I am sure you didn't mind sharing those cookies...did you? Looks like Max needs a good friend - you could be it!

  2. Very nice of your Dad to take care of Max. We have a very well-fortified fence around our yard and there is a combination lock on our gate. Mom says you can never be careful enough.

    Maybe Max needs to tell his humans to bring you some cookies to thank your Dad for saving Max.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  3. Looks like Max would be a good friend :)
    Enjoy your new toy - hedge.

  4. I bet there were more cookies after Max left. Lots of dangerous things beyond the fences. Luckily your Dad and Mom watch out for you and the Max's of the world.

  5. Hi Freya
    Thank goodness your dad saved Max! I know Max loved your cookies but it would be good if his family cared more about him.
    You have a very special family who loves you so much,

  6. Bless Tony for saving Max...wow....that's dangerous! Freya, you're a good hearted pup to share your cookies.

  7. I bet Max's owner was relieved to get him back, our previous dog, Guinness escaped from our garden once (we found a tiny hole he must've squeezed through), he was missing for the longest twenty minutes of my life. When I got back after searching the village, asking everyone I saw if they'd seen him, someone playing tennis said they had seen a black dog trotting along the pavement (route of one of his usual walks), when I got home, he was sat waiting for me outside the front door! Well done, Tony!

  8. Max is a lucky boy to have someone look out for him - remember what happened to his predecessor.....

  9. Imagine what a good friend you are to share your cookies with Max, what a lucky boy to have a friend like you. Hopefully he will not venture too far out on his own too often - it sounds like it could be quite dangerous with all wate. You are very lucky to have people who love you and watch out for you (sounds like your friends are lucky too, to have your family watching out for them as well!)
    Take Care and please stay away from that water........xx

  10. We love visiting the pet stores too. Make sure you stay clear of all that water.

  11. Goodness all that water isn't very safe for little pups. Stay dry:)

  12. I guess Max would be a good buddy then of yours. :D

    Dog Fence

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  14. The little dog was lucky to get a nice warm spot to be safe! But the bunnies.... that is who Becky would have snapped up ;) Freya you have a warm soul to share your space.

  15. Either Mom or Dad is always outside with us, too. They want to keep us safe, but they also know we can get into mischief if left on our own.