Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Swans on the River Dart and Freya Rose Blossom.

We had visitors last weekend. I had plenty of attention. (as if you aren't always the centre of attention)

Mark and Becca know how special they both are to me. 

Frankie de tabby is alright, but it's not as if he ever involves himself in after dinner small talk when we have visitors.
Unless it's to ask for something else to eat after he has made his rounds from chair to chair under the table.

Some of us are just natural born conversationalist's. (even though they shouldn't be there and their ears dangle on the table).

Some are born to be cuddle bunnies..

Swans aren't natural conversationalist's or cuddle bunnies as far as I am concerned.

I found that out yesterday on a walk beside the river Dart. 

Swans only hiss and aren't very polite.

They only had to hiss once, that was enough for me to know they weren't big seagulls and not to be messed with.  (just as well the camera battery ran out, or it might have shown you up to your ears in mud on the river bank)

The lesson here.... I never chase anything on or out of the river by the river bank, especially if it's bigger than me and not a good conversationalist. (lesson learnt)

Luvs Freya Rose Blossom X


  1. OH how I love your visitors, I wish they were my visitors sometimes - I really miss them both. You look like your are NOT enjoying the Swans Freya Rose, not to worry
    they are just crosspatches - maybe they think that you are prettier than them, after all they are all white all over and you are such a beautiful color! Please give my love to

  2. So nice to have visitors who pay more attention to you!!

  3. Well two of your very favorite people - how fun is that! Yes stay away from the swans Freya, they are Not Nice. Wish I could walk along the River Dart with you and get MY ears muddy!

  4. Mom's dog Bentley got chased by a goose once. He learned not to bother big birds.
    Morgan and the Porties

  5. No, don't tangle with swans, they play dirty with their big sharp beaks!

  6. SMart Lesson!! And yes, whenever company comes over, we should all be the center of attention, thats just a fact!!


  7. Freya
    Those words of wisdom from you- I will always remember! (just incase). Yes, they are pretty but not a cuddlebunny like you are!
    And I can tell your company thought you were a cuddlebunny too.

  8. Yes swans may be beautiful but they nip at you when you're not looking:(

    I love that last picture...what a face!

  9. oh Freya! I miss you! and nearly called you Ames :( sorry! but cannot wait to see you again! all is well in canada, someone became legal ;-) so makes life easier. will try to visit soon.
    hope soggibottom is keeping well!