Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Things to do before Christmas day.

When my name is called I'm alert.

Mr Postman keeps bringing something "nice" for me.  Peanut butter cookies... and a new toy.

This is my new friend called Varmint.
Sent all the way from Florida to Soggibottom Cottage here in Devon from my friend Muffy and her nana Christine.

Thank you Muffy, Varmint and I are great friends, except there is one place I went this week that Varmint couldn't follow.

Words are beyond me.........

I had to have a bath before Christmas even if I wanted one or not.

In the meantime, while the pups away.

Make sure next time when your dolling yourself up for Christmas Day.

You take your toys with you.....

Lots of loves Freya Rose Blossom 7 months old today.... X


  1. You look so sad in the bath, but look how pretty you are now. Our Mom loves Frank
    Morgan, Tsar and the Porties

  2. She is so cute and turning into quite the little lady. Don't worry Freya, you were in good bathing company this week with Zoey, Mylee and Molly in the bath too. Have a very Merry Christmas!

  3. Oh no! Not the b - a - t - h! It was worth it, you are very shiny and smart for Santa now. Clovis doesn't fit in the bath and it's too cold to hose him down outside, so we bought him a new brush and brushed him really well. He looked lovely........for about half an hour!

  4. Beautiful! Aw, you're going to look so gorgeous after that bath, it will be well worth it for all the Christmas pictures!

  5. FreyaRose, we are not too fond of baths either, but you sure do look nice after yours. Your new toy Varmint looks like a lot of fun.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  6. Freya - look how beautiful and fluffy you look after that bath! Did the kittys get a bath too?
    I think that would be fair- if they did~
    I love your new toys... wowee!
    Happy 7 month old to you!

  7. You are all set for Christmas my friend. Clean and shiny. And this is your first Christmas, isn't it? Enjoy.

  8. I'm so happy you like Varmint, Freya; I see Frankie likes it too! Those peanut butter bones are some of my favorite treats. My nana is giving me a bath tomorrow too so I'll smell good for Christmas; I think I smell good just like I am. I've enjoyed those wonderful biscuits you sent me, I'm saving the last one for my Christmas eve treat before I go to bed. I hope Santa leaves me some new toys in my stocking! Thanks for being such a sweet friend! My nana sends you a hug too! Hugs from Muffy!

  9. Hysterical - I'm sorry Freya, you just have a way with words! Oh those sad eyes in the bath are killing me. Too funny! Tell mummy that I'll email her either tonight or in the morning, and take good care of her, keep her warm so she gets over that nasty virus, ok?

  10. What a beautiful girl! she looks so much like my little Franklin :) I just love the ruby colored dogs. And dont these pups have the most expressive eyes? especially at bath time!