Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Looking for Santa Paws....

I've heard lots about Santa Paws, I'm not too sure who he is, but there are lots of paw marks on the beach, maybe the beach is a good place to start.....

Not a soul around on the top by the sand dunes. So he can't be here.

There's a rainbow over in Exmouth, maybe Santa Paws is over there.

Have you seen him ?

A parcel arrived this afternoon. It has my name on it....something to do with Santa Paws I think.....

Gifties from my new friend Pepsi in Singapore.

 My very first Christmas Card.

Goodies, eatables, toys.

A catnip mouse,

Burp treats for Frankie de tabby. (we all know Frankie de tabby is no tabby cat)... I wonder if he is into sharing his burp treats.

Thank you so much Pepsi, I know Santa Paws is around, I will keep a sharper eye out for him.
Pepsi shares his home with little guys, you can find Pepsi just HERE...  It will take you right over to Singapore and Pepsi's world.

Thanks to everyone who has stopped by lately. Hope you are all keeping an eye open for Santa Paws where you live, I've heard he travels everywhere and is a bit sneaky, you never see him coming.

Now to decide who gets to the box..........

First I should try out my new toys.

Lots of luvs Freya Rose Blossom X and that cat .......
loves from Frankie de Tabby X


  1. What lucky babes you are! So happy for the early presents - you made me smile watching you open your presents.

  2. Christmas came early! Lucky you - I want some treats called 'Burp', too funny! Actually, I think I'd like Pepsi in my stocking, what a little cutie! (So are you Freya, but I do like a terrier....)

  3. Paws up for very early Christmas gift!!! NICE!

    Thank you for posting your very cute photo on our guestbook! It makes us smile. :) :)

    Momo & Pinot

  4. Wow, Santa sure did make a nice stop at your house! Loved your rainbow picture too, very beautiful!

  5. We know Pepsi - he is a swell pup - do you think he has a twinkle in his eye for you, Freya Rose? Nice pressies. And we are sure Santa Paws will find you even if you can't find him yet. He will be bringing lots of goodies.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  6. We've never seen Santa Paws, but he visits us every year when we're asleep. That guy brings the best toys! Be sure to be a good pup for the next couple weeks and SP will visit you too.Morgan, Tsar and the Porties

  7. Adorable post! And what wonderful gifts for you two - now Freya, don't try taking Frankie's gifts....

  8. Hi Freya
    No worries-- Santy Paws will find you for sure, cause you have been a very good doggy!

  9. Aww! Freya, you couldn't be naughty if you tried! I'm sure you'll make Santa Paws list every year!

  10. I'm glad that you and Frankie made the "nice" list. Not surprized. Santa Paws must be one of your secret blog followers.

  11. Yes Freya there is a Santy Paws! Keep watching the mail, there are more surprises on the way!

  12. Great job finding Santa Paws , you are an excellent detective. Those presents look great, enjoy them!