Tuesday, November 15, 2016


Tiz me, Freya Rose Blossom.
Yes we are on our way back, but so much to do and not just on bloggy world. THANK YOU GUYS.... THANK YOU, for allowing me's absence from bloggy world and you noticed I wasn't there. Mum, I and De Ark, want to put our arms around you all. HOW WONDERFUL ARE MY FRIENDS.

Getting back to where we used to be will still take a bit of time, but De Ark and I walk beaches still, De Ark, is a pain in the neck. Butts, I don't mind, cos he is family.

Luvs from the bottom of my paws FREYA ROSE BLOSSOM and DE ARK. XXX


  1. Well, this is a start, sweet Freya Rose. And we think that deep down you and De Ark are god buddies.

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  2. One step at a time - on your way back!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  3. HEY GUYS! You knows we missed you BUNCHES!!!! Looks like you have tons to tell us!
    Ruby ♥

  4. We just love seeing you at your beach!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  5. Luffs you Aunty Freya and De Ark
    Looking forward to you being back and checking up on me, where would this little Princess be wivout you wise advice?????
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  6. Lovely to see you back. Enjoy your beach walks and I hope the weather stays fine for you all xxx

  7. Welcome back! Looking forward to future postings! Xxx

  8. We feel pretty blessed that you are our friends too♥

  9. I'm so happy you are back, and I can't wait to hear about your adventures on the beach :o)

  10. We are glad you are working your way back. That perfect photo is just lovely.

  11. OMD OMD it is just FABULOUS to see and Hear from You Freya Rose and Ark... OH how we have MISSED you. We totally understand that it takes some time to get back into the Swing of Blogville... butt we are THRILLED that you ARE getting it.
    87 Bazillion WELCOME BACK Hugs to you.

  12. We're so happy to hear from you. It's good to know that you all are well and enjoying life.

  13. It's very good to see you again! We missed you!

  14. I have missed you and the fun adventures of the fur babies.
    Sometimes I think I want to just take time off, I am glad you could get some time for yourself, sometimes things hit us when we least expect it and we just need time to process it all.


  15. OH Happy Days! Its sooo good to see both of you,, and we hope to see MORE of you,, when your ready,,, because we are here!
    Oh I hear your ocean!

  16. Yup, time to get in the swing of things again!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley