Monday, December 31, 2012

The Catflap Cavalier's 2nd Christmas and New Year

I had an utterly lovely bubbly paw some Christmas. I've also discovered a sneaky liking for champagne.

So many new things to eat and play with. This was my Christmas exchange parcel from Molly the Wally. Molly sent me so many beautiful things I didn't know what to make a fuss of first. Or know how to thank her for her kindness.

Even Frankie de tabby had a Christmas stocking. He had toy mice in his and lots of catty treats.
I'll normally eat anything, but I have to draw a line at catty treats, although a sneaky lick of his food dish is different..

 Yep, that dear old elf even brought us a new laptop

on Christmas Eve. We love that Mr postman and that dear ol elf.

Fings are looking up at the cottage as most of the stuff is back that was lost in the flood in October, and the two floods in November. Three times in a year, but we were the lucky one's, we got our stuff back before Christmas.
I have more toys now than I lost in the nasty water. Thank you everyone.
The furniture in the cottage is not quite the same, but just as comfy, ask Frankie de tabby he will tell you just how comfy it is.

I'm still working hard and I have been on flood watch all over Christmas but I can take time out to say, Frankie de tabby and Freya Rose Blossom would like to wish all our friends, a very Happy New Year.

Here is to counting down the minutes to the New Year and dare I say, a dribble of Champagne !
Or even a small glass of it... don't push your luck Freya....

Luvs Freya Rose Blossom and Frankie de tabby X


  1. Looks like the floods did not spoil your holidays. Happy New Dry Year!!

  2. Happy New Year Freya and Frankie....{{{{{{hug}}}}}

  3. You guys deserve the best of New Years. Luv you, too, Freya and Frankie.

  4. Hi Freya and Frank
    I am so happy that you have some new toys and that the elf brought a new puters.
    Don't drink tooo muches tonight,
    Happy New Year our sweet friends.

  5. Happy New Years Freya and Frankie; we're so glad you've rebounded from the flooding and yay for new computers!

    Abby, Buddha, and Lily

  6. A happy new year to all at Soggybottom, may it be much less soggy in 2013. May the best of your yesterdays be the worst of your tomorrows, health wealth & happiness may you prosper xx

  7. Glad to see you all had a fabulous Christmas! Ya to new laptop! You have a good elf there ;)

  8. So nice to see many smiles over the weekend! Happy New Year!

    Momo & Pinot xo