Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Travelling and spreading the word about the Blogville Olympics and meeting the RNLI

Just as the Olympic Torch has been travelling around England, I have been making sure the message of the Blogville Olympics has travelled along Devon's beaches. The torch is back in the South West tonight in Dorset. I am working hard spreading the word about our Olympic's.

I met a couple from The RNLI  Royal National Lifeboat Institute
These cool dudes are a couple of lifeguards that help to keep beach users in the Summer months safe.

They were so pleased to see me  I made sure that we had a group photo of us altogether. I wondered if another entry to the Olympics had got there before me, or the word had spread I was going to visit.

I had at least two beaches to go to today so I couldn't hang around for long.

This is Burgh Island, we had to wait till the tide was out and the rain stopped before we got out of the car.

Don't forget, a dog that travels behind the back seat near the tailgate is taken places, the one that sits on the back seat is chauffeured.
Brown paper to sit on, does work if you have a queasy tummy by the way, my brown paper is a bit screwed up as I have been in and out so many times today. Note for my chauffeur to change it when we get home.

Now on to more pressing things of trying out the sand.

Yep..... good stuff, it flies like the wind.

I had to make sure that there were a few holes to test the sand in different places.

Another beach tomorrow, I wonder if I can get my own security guard ?

With a pink and black uniform.

Obviously wearing a Union Jack .

Luvs Freya Rose Blossom and Frankie de tabby X 


  1. Oh Freya you make friends wherever you go - wish I was out walking with you!

  2. Beautiful views! And thank you for spreading the word about us up and down the coast!

  3. Freya you're definitely a beach girl! Digging all those holes looks like a lot of fun!

  4. No grain of sand unturned. Love the mascot with the Union Jack.

  5. Oh Freya and Frank - your just so "up with the times"
    Freya are you a champion hole digger?
    We LOVE all the photos!

  6. That beach is lovely, and I adore the union jack cat

    urban hounds

  7. the beach looks inviting. lovely critters.

  8. Wow, looks like you had a busy day. Thumbs up on the kitty Union Jack wear.

  9. Cute post and I love the dog. Thanks for sharing and spreading the news.

  10. No one gives hugs like a Cavalier! Love the Union Jack Frankie :)

  11. That looks like a ton of fun out on the beach. I'm glad your working hard spreading the word about the blogville olympics.

    Happy Monday!

  12. We had planned to be in lots of events, but our stupid computer didn't work so we only got in one, frisbee.

    Oh well, we'll root for you and we love Frank wearing the Union Jack. Didn't know he was so patriotic.