Friday, October 14, 2011

How to be a polite guest.

There are times when a simple visit to friends and loved one's can be a real eye opener.

The hairy Caterpillar known as Mr Chops has a new ted.

It's always good to share toys when you visit.

Never expect anyone to thank you for giving them a kiss, no words needed, put a paw in their mouth to let them know.

No words are needed.

Make sure when you give a cuddle everyone knows you are dog of the day.

Make sure you are cute enough that even cute little bipeds laugh and are pleased to see you.

 Make sure you know every one's name. Make sure you show how pleased you are to see them again.

It's okay to kiss Mr Frog. I kiss Mark a lot so I know he is okay too.

So..... how was your week ?

In case your wondering. Mr Chops is still number one in his house, he made way for me for a few hours... bless his paws  !

Word of warning, he slobbers when giving a kiss Kiann....

Besides, I have my own ted...... lots of luvs Freya Rose Blossom...  X


  1. I'll say Mr. Chops is a gentleman letting you play with his teddy bear. Lots of hugs and kisses in your line of work, Freya:)

  2. How sweet of Mr. Chops to let you play with his teddy! You look so cute in that last photo with sand all over your nose. Muffy loves to stick her nose in the sand too when she finds a good digging spot.

  3. Mr. Chops - what a gentleman! I'm sure he didn't mind you taking over his humans for the day, but his teddy too? What a nice chap he is!

  4. See you stole the show again Freya. Mr Chops is a big dog you know, good job you let him have his teddy back.

  5. Oh Freya I got a good case of the giggles, seeing you guarding Mr. Chops' teddy...making sure he didn't get it back while you were there, lol! You are loved wherever you roam. Love the sand on the whiskers!

  6. Mr Chops has gotten so big and beautiful!
    He is a real sweetie- to share his toys

  7. You could visit me anytime Freya. I could use a kiss! Mr. Chops was a sweet host.