Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Flood water again..... water watch.

For the second time this year, water has surrounded Soggibottom Cottage. Just as we were about to put things back from when it happened six weeks and four days ago.

This time it arrived at 8 a.m. and not 4 a.m. Lots of effort went into keeping all the nasty dirty water out.

This is where the water all comes from. This should be a path along side a children's play park (no dogs allowed on the other side of the picket fence). Beyond that there is the park where I go every morning.
Not this morning......

This time, we kept most of the water out, we are on flood watch again over the next few days. So much more rain is expected.
I'm on watch both sides of the cottage, the front,

and my cat flap Cavalier door.

Frankie de tabby is fine after coming in a bit wet and bedraggled. He's well enough to have found my new dog bed again, now that it has been moved upstairs...
Keep you posted.....
Luvs. and on water watch...Freya Rose Blossom X


  1. Hope you can manage to stay dry. Our house hasn't flooded yet this year (knock wood), but I'm sure it's going to with all the rain we've been getting this week.

  2. Holy bejezus!

    Soggibottom - no kidding about the name! HELP! you guys need some!!!!

    are you all okay? how can you even get anywhere????


    sending love from Canada :( xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Oh no!!!!!!!!!!!
    This cannot be!
    Do I need to bring some sand bags to help you? Do I need to dig a trench around your cottage!
    We are with you!

  4. YIKES! So sorry to hear about the water, praying it stays OUTSIDE this time. And tell Frankie to get out of your bed ;)

  5. Oh geez, dis is just absolutely terribles! I must has been MIA on da last floodin' and I am so incredibly sorry ya'll has been dealin' withs all dis. Puuulease sta safe and dry!


  6. Stay safe!!! We are thinking of you!

  7. You better dig a big dike Freya to keep you and Frankie dry.

  8. Aw man, careful, my friends. Take care I've got my paws crossed

  9. so crazy! do hope the house was not damaged this time! can't imagine how you are able to keep that OUT???

    Miss you all :( and wish we could come down with buckets to help! xxxxxx

    and champagne of course ;-)


    much love
    ayla & david