Saturday, September 17, 2011

How to share and be giving at four months old

You can share a window space.

You can share "something nice".

By giving a paw.

You can share,

kisses when out and about.

Trouble is, sharing,.

can also have a few downfalls... too many cookies spoil your waistline Toby.

If your going to share , make sure you take enough exercise to work it all off again.

Exercising only your ears, doesn't work. You have to exercise all of you.

Sharing a fish dinner would be good, if Frank hadn't eaten it all first..
Sitting in a washing up bowl isn't sharing unless you help to wash up. Or chasing next doors cat through their own cat flap and helping them to break lots of plates around their own kitchen.
Is that sharing ?

Saves on the washing up !

 So much to share and so much to give. 

I'll stick to giving my paw............


  1. I love those flapping ears. Hmm... breaking lots of dishes sounds like fun, but the clean up doesn't. There's probably a good story there.

  2. One trick down, and how many more to go? I don't think I'd mess with Frank. He looks like a cat with attitude.

  3. Look at those ears, Freya - they are just beautiful. We think you are doing very well at the sharing game. We will send you some kisses if you send them back to us too.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  4. I want some Freya kisses! Oh Freya, you didn't REALLY chase next door's kitty right through the cat flap, did you? And tell Toby to go on a diet right away...he's starting to resemble a box with legs!

  5. Hi Freya
    I love to see you share and smile at the world!
    I give you a paws up too.
    Your getting cuter every day.. Look at those beautiful photos,, and the one of your ears,,,, oh my gosh!
    and I love the photo of you in the window,, sharing the couch with Frank and Mr Bear
    Share some kissys with me Freya

  6. Freya,, your header photo is gorgeous!

  7. It's a flying dog!! Makes me laugh when their ears go like that!

  8. Looks like you have been up to a whole lot of fun and trouble too. Your only young once make the most of it.
    P.s you've got great ears. x

  9. I love to see those beautiful silky ears of yours flying! I'm sending you kisses and hugs Freya!