Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The eye's of a window, pup and Frankie de tabby.

You can see lots of things through a window.

Although there's nothing that quite beats getting out and about, even if it's windy and messes up your hair.
I've just been banned from this walk, I am too tempted by sea shells that sea gulls have left around on the pavement. They aren't so much chewy, they are hard, also sharp...
Banned until my adult teeth come through at least.

When there are new friends to greet and meet one walk out of many isn't a great miss.

This is Milo, he's slightly older than me, great fun to be around.

Frank is great fun to be around, as long as I give him free run of his favorite places to sleep.

We swap and change.

Frank might have the high ground,

but, I get the cushions.

Luvs Freya Rose Blossom X


  1. Yes the high ground doesn't look that comfortable. Your better off on the cushions, but don't let Frank know. x

  2. What a sweetie. Frank looks very handsome:)

  3. Hi Freya
    I also think its very wise to wait until your big doggie tooofies come in, before you chew on those sharp sea shells!
    And I think that cushion is the best place to claim!
    Yes, it is

  4. Daft puppies - gorgeous!
    Glad a peace treaty has been drawn up between you and Frank!

  5. Messes up your hair!! As if you could look any cuter :-) Has anyone told you about the doggy tooth fairy? Leave your baby teeth under your cushion when you go to sleep and when you wake up (and if you've been good ...) there may be a nice treat for you!

  6. Milo looks like a great friend to wrestle with. Frank, on the other hand, looks a little scary in those pictures.

  7. Oh Freya you are too adorable!