Monday, April 30, 2012

April Showers and Drought conditions

I often go to the park for a daily walk or two. That's if I'm not running around on the beach.

The park is on a flood plain, when it rains heavily the river overflows. I needed a snorkel and a pair of water wings yesterday.

Devon was declared to be part of a drought zone the other day.... then it started to rain and hasn't stopped since. The best place to be when your in drought conditions is right beside the fire.

Besides the rain makes my ears go frizzy..

Luvs Freya Rose Blossom X


  1. Oh Freya Rose Blossom, I feel for you and your frizzy ears! Here in Upton upon Severn we also have lots and lots and lots of yuggy colored flood waters, the river seems to be creeping closer! We are supposed to be having a Folk Festival here at the weekend and have discovered this lunchtime that the fields where the campers usually stay for the weekend are flooded, in fact you can't even see them and they have just forecast more rain for us and by the look of the wetness on the windows it could be just starting again. (Next time I must remember to take my wellies!!) Who luvs ya baby

  2. Freya, my ears go frizzy in the rain too. How funny that they just declared a drought and now it won't stop raining.

  3. I just love your crimped hair! I would like to see you with a snorkel actually :)

    1. So would I, with Freya anything could be possible :-) XXX

  4. Our tucker would love running in that water!

  5. We thought we were having a lot of rain, but nothing like THAT!!! Mom is laughing at your ears - they remind her of when her two girls tried using a crimper iron on their human furs:)

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  6. Freya
    We love your ears,, they are too beautiful!
    I tell you what-- you sure do have a lot of rain!

  7. That looks pretty similar to the marshes we are having to walk (paddle)through at the moment up here in Hampshire - the drought deepens....
    Clovis gets crimped ears in the wet too - I like it!

  8. ha ha, yeh this rain is crazy aint it! i nearly had to put my wellies on to go poo collecting in my garden, it was flooded all round the edge and in certain parts of the grass too so i had to be very careful and jump from place to place.
    for the last week or so when ive taken storm to a field near my house and thrown his frizbee sometimes he will suddenly hit a great big hidden puddle and then do an aqua plane across it and comes back looking like a drowned rat, he loves it LOL!!! xxx

  9. I do love having fun with water, splashing puddles of water. :D

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