Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I must not borrow chews

I must not borrow Mr Chop's chews.

If I do, always give him a quick kiss on the nose first.

Meeting and greeting my friend's Karina, Tilly May and Jake.

Be slightly wary of dogs bigger than myself..... even if I did borrow their chew without permission.

Mr Chops is bigger than I am, but a perfect gentlemen.

I even learnt to go up a slide over the weekend.

Down again.
Might even be an agility dog when I grow up.

Small dog, big dreams.

Kissing and cuddling with Tilly May.

So many places to visit.

So many cliff tops to creep along, good job some one was wise to buy me a safety harness.

Enjoying the views.

When it's been a long weekend,

there's no place like home.

Luvs from Freya Rose Blossom. X


  1. Life is fun through your eyes, Freya. I think it may be because you are so cute that Mr. Chops was so understanding.

  2. What a busy little dog you are. Go careful about pinching chews others might not be so understanding.

  3. So much fun to be had by a pup, Freya Rose. Lightning is having to learn to deal with the big pups here too, but one day he will be just as big. Mr. Chops is so handsome and very nice to you too.

    Love the pics of you with the little ones.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  4. An important lesson to learn - if you try and pinch a chew here, you may well get told off!

  5. Think you were very brave nose to nose with Mr Chops. He looks a very big chap.

  6. Freya, you're growing too fast. Stay a puppy as long as you can. Chops has gotten to be a big and very handsome boy. It looks like he was nice about you borrowing his chew.